Pre Shipment Inspection

Since its birth, Selka performs PSI inspections (Pre-Shipment Inspections),
documentary checks, visual checks and dimensional check, quality and quantity controls, verification of packaging and markings, support for loading and unloading for imports and exports from suppliers, contractors and shippers, respecting the applicable procedures and/or customer specifications.


Consumer Products

In the field of consumer products (manufactured and finished products to be
marketed directly to the end user), in accordance to the applicable regulations in the field of quality and safety, as well as to verify the implementation of what agreed between customer and supplier, Selka, using expert collaborators in the various product categories, can take responsibility of checks and controls that range from the taking of samples for analysis, batch identification, assistance and testing on the production line and / or assembly, verification of products defectology and execution of inspections in accordance with specifications and contractual procedures.